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    Dave is a seasoned songsmith who melds pop, rock and folk influences to create a solid brand of music that simply shines.  In the words of a music critic for Paste Magazine, raving about one of Dave’s productions: "It's Power Pop with great hooks - what's not to love?"  He has been honing his craft for more than two decades, ever since he formed his first touring group Jawbone.  He has continued to write and perform with several different bands, overall producing two full-length albums, two EPs and numerous other releases.

    While working with Jawbone, Dave became a serious musician and songwriter.  His group served up their music to the hungry college market throughout the midwest, promoting their two full length CDs.  Together, they sold nearly 6,000 CDs -- before the days of digital downloads. The songs were featured in regular rotations at radio stations throughout the region, including Detroit’s 89XGrand Rapids Magazine described the music as "Straight forward pop that makes you want to tap your foot," and 97.9 WGRD Radio declared, "Marean is an extremely gifted songwriter backed up by extraordinary musicians."

    Since then, Dave has performed in The Beat Poets, The Last Pop Band and Days of Radio.  He is an accomplished vocalist who feels right at home with his guitar, though he occasionally plays piano and trumpet.  He has shared the stage with bands such as Fastball, The Verve Pipe and Peter Searcy to name a few.

    While Dave has explored many musical genres, he always comes back to pop and rock music.  He has been influenced by bands such as The Beatles, Toad the Wet Sprocket and Jellyfish.

    Growing up, Dave’s earliest exposure to music was mostly from the 8-track cassettes his mom would play, especially the Carpenters.  Later on, The Beach Boys’ Endless Summer and Styx's The Grand Illusion proved to be excellent albums for playing air guitar.  During high school, Dave enjoyed being in the marching band and began learning to play guitar while hanging out in friend’s basements.  After graduation, he studied music at Western Michigan University earning a degree in trumpet performance.  He then became certified to teach K-12 music and shortly after his student teaching is when Jawbone began to take off.

    Currently, Dave now splits his time with family and his musical endeavors.  He has continued to evolve his musical stylings, creating music that everyday people can connect with.  Just a few years ago, one of his songs, "The Episode," made it to the finals of the USA Songwriting Competition.  In 2017, his song "Winning once again" was selected as a top 5 winner in the 18th annual Great American Song Contest.  Judges praised it for it's "clever lyrical imagery and skillful melodic composition".  

    With the ushering in of the new decade comes a new project. Time Piece  is a new 5-song EP from the Dave Marean Band. Current members include Jim Dow (Jawbone, Great Scott)-Guitar, Jason Scott (The Lash)-drums and Steve Secor (The Voice, Rocket 8, British Racing Green)-bass guitar.

Dave in the city
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